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PBPA Staff
Chief Legal Counsel Sean M. Smoot
PBPA Executive Board
President Troy Hogren
1st Vice President Mark McDermott
2nd Vice President Dan Williams
Treasurer Todd Keil
Financial Secretary Kevin Bettis
Recording Secretary Matt Williams
Youth Activities Director Craig Johnson
Sergeant-at-Arms Ronald Pontecore
Sergeant-at-Arms Jeremy Oldham
PBLC Staff
Director & Chief Legal Counsel Sean M. Smoot
Chief Labor Representative Eric Poertner
Senior Staff Attorney Shane M. Voyles
Staff Attorney David Amerson
Chicago Metro Counsel Thomas J. Pleines
Chicago Metro Counsel Joe Andruzzi
Labor Representative
Charles R. Crowley
Labor Representative
Doug Block
Labor Representative
L.H. "Buddy" Parker
Labor Services Assistant
Luke Kline
Executive Assistant to the Director
Elizabeth Drea
Receptionist/Administrative Legal Assistant
Leah Harris
 Paul Williams 

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